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We knew that we had to make something amazing, something that hasn't been seen before, something that will actually make you push your limits and not only be used in the gym once a month.

It had to solve the issues of fitness junkies like you and I, never fail or fall out, while providing the best sound quality there is. After many sleepless nights, we've made the impossible, possible.

We must admit, we've made the perfect fit!

The 2 years in production is finally over and we're releasing AXUM from its cage!

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"AxumGear is possibly the best pair of wireless earbuds" -

True Wireless Is Now Yours

A 100% wireless stereo experience – No more wires. No more signal drops. No more background noise. Plus an extra-long battery life.

They Will Not Fall

Adjustable-hook design guarantees a secure and comfortable fit – Whatever your sport. Wherever your workout.

Your Music Is The Loudest

At the heart of Axum’s true wireless earbuds – our customized speaker driver is delivering music that’s always louder than what’s around you.

Under The Hood


• Waterproof Coating
• Noise Cancellation
• Built-In Microphone
• Up to 10 meters range
• Adjustable Hook
• Portable Charging Case
• On-Ear Controls



Charging That Changes The Game

Charge in just 60 minutes – sleek protective case doubles as wireless charging station re-charging up to 6 times – PLUS additional 24 hours of on-the-go listening.

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